Gavin Piano Services, Inc. | Buying & Selling New & Used Pianos

New & Used

Gavin Piano sells both new and used pianos.

Our retail location is at 1753 Commerce Court in downtown White Bear Lake.
We are open by appointment only. Google Map >

We have pianos from all price ranges at different times of the year. We sell both uprights and grands. Call (651) 644-3111 to see if we have what you are looking for, and if we don't, we will try to find it for you.

Piano Buying or Selling

The best advice, when it comes to buying or selling a piano, is to consult a qualified piano technician. A piano technician cannot give you the precise value of a piano over the phone. Most likely, you will pay an appraisal fee to a piano technician, and it is well worth it. Since a piano is made of thousands of parts, no two pianos, whether new or used, are exactly alike. The technician can tell if a piano has been properly cared for. A piano technician can see, feel and hear things in a piano that you would have no knowledge of. If the piano technician is working for you, you will get an honest and qualified opinion of the condition of the piano.

The technician may save you lots of headaches and money when purchasing or selling your piano.