Welcome to Gavin Piano Services & the Minnesota School of Piano Technology

Gavin Piano Services, Inc.-
Piano Tuning, Maintenance & Repair

Gavin Piano Services provides piano tuning & repair. We also buy & sell pianos. We also install humidity control systems for pianos, provide piano maintenance; cleaning, reshaping hammers, tightening binding screws, lubrication of piano parts, easing friction from the piano keys, regulation, voicing, tuning, etc.

Regular piano tuning can prevent costly repairs and help make your piano sound great for many years.

Greg Gavin has tuned pianos for Interlochen National Music Camp in Michigan, he has also tuned pianos for members of both the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra & the Minnesota Orchestra, the Minnesota Opera Company, and has been the piano tuner for many celebrity performers at the Target Center in Downtown Minneapolis, as well as having tuned pianos at various recording studios and local schools. Greg Gavin has over 30 years of experience tuning, operates a new and used piano retail store in downtown White Bear Lake and is a piano tuning instructor at the Minnesota School of Piano Technology.


Minnesota School of Piano Technology-
Piano Tuning & Repair Instruction

The Minnesota School of Piano Technology is licensed as a Private Career School with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution.

The class is designed for beginning students, and classroom size is limited to 12 students. The course teaches:

  • Tuning – how to hear beats per second and tuning hammer techniques
  • Regulating – learning the mechanics of the keys and correcting the 37 adjustments per key
  • Piano Repair – how to replace broken or damaged parts
  • How to Re-string a piano
  • Piano Tuning Theory
  • How to Install a Piano Humidity Control System
  • How to Work With Suppliers
  • Helpful Hints and Practical Business Skills
  • Other Basic Skills